Take inventory of your belongings before a claim occurs. Keep receipts whenever possible.

MostĀ of our current homeowner carriers are taking steps to prevent future losses. Most insurers today are conducting property inspections on all of their insureds. If a potential hazard is identified, you will be notified by either your company or this agency. Some of the common things carriers are looking for include:

  • Presence of liability hazard such as an aggressive dog, a trampoline, an unsecured pool

  • Peeling or cracking paint or siding

  • Excessive debris in the yard

  • Brush overhanging onto house OR detached structures

  • Condition and age of roof

  • Visible cracks in foundation

  • Lack or condition of safety hand rails

ANY INSPECTOR ASSIGNED TO YOUR HOME WILL BE CARRYING PROPER IDENTIFICATION! Most inspections will be EXTERIOR inspections. We strongly advise that any request for INTERIOR inspections be by appointment only and verified through our office.

Flood Insurance

Damage caused by "Flood" is specifically excluded on a homeowner's policy. This poses a huge problem for insureds who suffer property damage caused by flooding when they did not purchase a seperate Flood Insurance policy.

Flood Insurance is available to just about anyone who would need it. For properties in a flood hazard zone, mortgage companies will most definately require that flood insurance be purchased. Flood insurance for a home in a hazard zone will be costly, however properties outside of the hazard zones may qualify for preferred rates. These premiums are extremely affordable.

Earthquake Coverage

The homeowner's policy excludes damage caused by earth movement. "Earthquake Coverage" can be added to your homeowner's policy for an additional premium. If you think you have Earthquake coverage on your policy, please make sure it is listed on your Coverage Selections Page. If you would like to add this coverage to your policy, please contact our office. Prices vary based on territory and deductible.