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Our list of auto carriers include:

NGM Insurance Company

Plymouth Rock Assurance Corp

Safeco Insurance Company

Review Your Auto Policy Regularly

Your auto insurance policy requires that certain changes, such as additional drivers and garaging location changes be reported to your insurance carrier in a timely manner. It is a violation of your policy to withold any information which may affect your premium. Your auto claim could be denied if the infomation on your policy is innaccurate. 

All Licensed Household Members and Regular Operators NEED to be Listed on your Policy

Regardless of whether or not a member of your household will drive your vehicle, your Massachusetts Personal Auto Policy requires that all licensed household members be listed on the driver section of your policy. Your policy also requires that any "Customary Operator", or "Regular Operator" be listed as well. 

Garaging Location

Your premium is rated, in part, based on the garaging location of your vehicle.  In most cases, your garaging location is the same as your residence, however, if your vehicle is primarily garaged in a different city or state, the insurance carrier must be notified so they can properly rate your policy. For example, if one of your vehicles is driven primarily by one of your children who are away at school, the garaging address should be adjusted. 

Do You Have Enough Insurance?

The State of Massachusetts requires that every vehicle registered in the State meets the state's compulsory insurance limits. These limits are extremely low and may be insufficient to protect you should you suffer a loss.  

If you have a lein on your vehicle, your lender will likely require that you carry Collision and Comprehensive coverage. 

Many carriers offer additional coverages such as Deductible Rewards and Accident Forgiveness. In most cases, there is an additional premium for these enhancements. 

Substitute Transportation is an optional coverage that can be added when your vehicle is insured for physical damage (collision and comp).